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About Me

I am a young enthusiast, Who have heard one dialogue a lot of times in my life "Dont Be jack Of All Trades but be the Ace of One" So I decided on one thing... that I will provide a place, a source where people can get not the ace of one but ACE OF ALL Services. I aim to keep tuning my skills because in programming and developing there is never ending learning. Then again I always had an interest in automation just because isnt it the future? In my opinion future is all about Artificial intelligence and an automated world.

People Say Dont be Jack of all trades! but honestly.. in todays world.. one has to know about everyfield even a little bit to get success in his required field..
I Abhishek Goel Am Proud to be what you call "Jack Of All Trades" and reason is.. this proves my eagerness my desire to learn! i work on one thing... i start learning it... as soon as i get bit satisfaction or while doing it i see somthing new... i am eager to learn it too.... yes i know i have to be ace in one and i will surly do that... definaitly in development or Internet Marketing!

Knowledge Alawys Pays Off!
Work Like Dogs, Live Like Kings!

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